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Australian Export Controls and the Life Sciences

A guide to understanding export control laws regarding the physical export, intangible supply, publication or brokering of life sciences related goods, software or technology

2: How do I apply for export advice or an export permit?

Before you apply for a permit with Defence Export Controls, you can conduct your own assessment of whether your goods, software or technology are listed on the DSGL, and whether your activity (the way in which you will be supplying, brokering or publishing) is controlled by the Defence Trade Controls Act. This Guide provides information on the types of controls and exemptions that may apply.

STEP 1: The Online DSGL Tool has two key functions; a questionnaire and a search feature. Through a series of Yes/No style questions you can self-assess if your activity is subject to export controls. People who are unfamiliar with export controls may find it easier to first assess if their activity is controlled before searching the DSGL. The search function displays the control item text from the DSGL based on the terms you enter, as well as links to other text that are key to understanding the extent or limits of the controls. The tool can be accessed at .

STEP 2: If you are unable to self-assess whether the items are listed on the DSGL, or the exporting, supplying, publishing or brokering activity is controlled, or you are still uncertain, you can submit an “Application for DSGL/Activity Assessment” to us. We will send you an assessment of whether the items or activities are controlled, and instructions on what to do next.

STEP 3: If we send you advice that you need to apply for a permit, or you assess that a permit is required, you should submit an “Application to Export or Supply Controlled Goods and Technology”. We will assess the application and either issue you with a permit, or advise you why a permit is not required.

When you submit an application you should attach documentation that helps us to assess the goods, software and technology, and details of how the export, supply, publication or brokering activity will be undertaken. This assists us to get our assessment right the first time, and so that if we need to contact you we have a good understanding of your application.

Application forms can be downloaded from .

IMPORTANT: You may require a permit if your goods or ‘DSGL technology’ are listed in the DSGL and no exemptions apply to your circumstances.
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