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Defence Export Permit for Firearms

An automatic pistol and a revolver

A Defence Export Permit may be used to export all forms of firearms and related goods including those where an Restricted Goods Permit may be used.

Permits are valid for twelve months from issue and are issued by the DEC.

There are certain circumstances for which only a Defence Export Permit can be used. These include:

  • exports of five (5) or more firearms;
  • unaccompanied exports; for example, goods being exported as cargo or by courier;
  • exports of any amount of higher-risk or military firearms including their parts, accessories, and ammunition. This includes firearms referred to as Category C and D under State and Territory legislation, firearms over 0.50” (12.7mm) calibre and all automatic firearms;
  • any firearm parts, accessories, sights, ammunition, magazines, etc, being exported without firearms; and
  • firearms being exported for the purpose of repair, return, sales or as a gift.

To apply for a Defence Export Permit you will need to complete an Application to Export Controlled Goods and Technology form.

Please supply as much detail and documentation as possible, as this will assist with the processing timeliness. As part of your application you should provide a copy of your firearms license (both sides) and/or registration certificate. Non-sensitive applications for Export Permits are generally processed within 15 working days. For more information on how to seek permision, please go to the Apply for a licence or permission to export controlled goods or technology page.

For further information about Defence Export Permits relating to firearms please contact us.