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Non-Transfer and End-Use Certificate

Navy officers training on a warship bridge simulator

To apply for a Non-Transfer and End-Use Certificate, please use the Application for a Non-Transfer and End-Use Certificate form.

This application form must be completed when an importer requires a certificate for the purpose of verifying to a foreign government that the items to be imported into Australia are for the use of the Australian Defence Force or the Commonwealth of Australia.

The certificate will provide an assurance to the foreign government that any subsequent export of the items will not be authorised by DEC without the permission of the foreign government.

This certificate will be required by the foreign government before they approve the export of the items to Australia.

If you are submitting an application with more than ten lines of goods or technology, we have developed a Bulk upload file for a Non-Transfer and End-Use Certificate that makes the creation of large lists a much simpler task.