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DSGL Quick Reference Guide

The Defence and Strategic Goods List Categories
Category Goods
Category Goods

Part 1 - Munitions List

Military Goods

ML1 Smooth bore weapons calibre <20mm Other weapons calibre ≤ 12.7mm (calibre 0.50 inches) Components and accessories
ML2 Smooth bore weapons >20mm Other weapons calibre > 12.7mm (calibre 0.50 inches) Components and accessories
ML3 Ammunition and components for ML1, ML2 & ML12, Fuze settings for ML3
ML4 Bombs, torpedoes, rockets, missiles, other explosive devices and charges, components and accessories Equipment for launching, deploying, decoying, disruption, detection and jamming
ML5 Fire control systems, components and accessories and their countermeasure equipment Radar, surveillance, tracking systems, and their countermeasure equipment
ML6 Ground vehicles and components
ML7 Chemical or biological toxic agents, ‘riot control agents', radioactive materials, related equipment, components, and materials
ML8 ‘Energetic materials' (explosives & chemicals) and related substances
ML9 Vessels of war, special naval equipment, accessories and components
ML10 Aircraft, unmanned airborne vehicles, aero-engines and aircraft equipment, and related equipment and components
ML11 Electronic equipment not controlled elsewhere in the Munitions List specially designed for military use
ML12 High velocity kinetic energy weapon systems and related equipment
ML13 Armour plate, body armour, and helmets and components
ML14 Simulators and training equipment
ML15 Imaging, infrared, thermal imaging and image intensifier equipment, and cameras
ML16 Forgings, castings and other unfinished products specially designed for any products controlled by ML1 - ML4, ML6, ML9, ML10, ML12 or ML19.
ML17 Miscellaneous goods, including diving equipment, robots, ferries, containers specially designed or modified for military use, goods treated for or providing signature suppression
ML18 Production and test equipment
ML19 Directed energy weapon systems, countermeasure and related equipment, (e.g. lasers and particle beam systems)
ML20 Cryogenic and superconductive equipment, as follows, and specially designed components and accessories
ML21 Software for listed goods
ML22 Technology for listed goods

Non-Military Lethal Goods

ML901 Non-military firearms including rifles, carbines, muskets, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, and smooth bore weapons, not specified ML1
ML902 Ammunition, projectiles and specially designed for ML901
ML904 Accessories, including silencers, mountings, magazines, sights, flash suppressors, not specified in ML1.d.
ML 905 Air guns, with specific characteristics
ML908 Energetic materials other than those in ML8, excluding those specially formulated for toys, novelty goods and fireworks
ML909 Detonators or other equipment for the initiation of non-military energetic materials specified in Item ML908
ML910 Charges and devices containing “energetic material” specified in ML908


Part 2 - Dual Use Goods

0 Nuclear Materials; Facilities and Equipment Nuclear reactors, gas centrifuges, materials designed for nuclear use
1 Materials, Chemicals, Micro-organisms and Toxins Powdered metals, ceramics, composite materials, toxic chemicals and pathogens, protective and detection equipment, body armour
2 Materials Processing Machine tools (CNC machines), crucibles, valves, robots, vibration test systems, vacuum pumps, chemical processing and handling equipment
3 Electronics Radiation hardened electronics, Field Programable Gate Arrays (FPGA), microwave electronics, electronic test equipment, high energy storage devices, fast switching devices
4 Computers Radiation hardened computers, high performance computers, tools for development and delivery of intrusion software
5 Telecommunications and Information Security Part 1 - Telecommunications systems, jamming equipment, RF monitoring equipment, IP network surveillance equipment; Part 2 - Cryptographic and cryptanalytic equipment, cryptographic activation equipment
6 Sensors and Lasers Marine acoustic systems, imaging detector systems, optical mirrors, lasers, magnetometers
7 Navigation and Avionics Gyroscopes, accelerometers, inertial navigation systems, flight control systems
8 Marine Submersible vehicles, remotely controlled manipulators, noise reduction systems, air independent power systems
9 Aerospace and Propulsion Aero gas turbine engines, rocket propulsion systems, UAVs, sounding rockets, wind tunnels, turbine blade production equipment

Note 1: Each of the above Dual-Use Goods categories (0-9), has the following divisions: A - Systems, Equipment and Components B - Test, Inspection and Production Equipment C - Materials D - Software E - Technology

Note 2: Materials, software and technology related to controlled goods are also controlled.

Note 3: Terms with specific meaning are enclosed in double quotation marks where they appear throughout the DSGL. An index of these terms appears in the front pages of the DSGL.


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