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About Defence Export Controls

Sailor raise the flags at Russell Offices in Canberra

Defence Export Controls (DEC) is responsible to the Minister for Defence for regulating the export of defence and strategic goods and technologies.

These goods and technologies include:

  • Military items designed or adapted for military purposes or those that are inherently lethal, incapacitating or destructive; and
  • Commercial items and technologies that may be used or adapted for use in a military program or contribute to the development and production of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons systems.

Australia's export control policies are in place to enable the export of defence and strategic goods where it is consistent with Australia's national interests and international obligations.

Our export control system is the means by which this consistency is ensured.

Our export control systems are continually evolving and must be constantly monitored and updated. Australia's export control policies and procedures are therefore reviewed regularly to take account of changes in our strategic circumstances. Information on DEC's workload management and key performance measures is available on the Statistics page.

Australia's Export Control Policy is based on five key criteria to assess the exportability of defence and strategic goods:

Defence Export Controls is staffed by a small but dedicated team committed to the responsible export of defence and strategic goods and technologies: