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ADF at the 2019 Henley Royal Regatta

ADF team

Name Role
Lieutenant Colonel Selina Rowland (Army) Team captain / rower
Captain Nicholas Waugh (Army) Boat captain / rower
Captain Carl Bleimschein (Army) Rower
Major Tom Cregan (Army) Rower
Lieutenant Gillespie (Army) Rower
Lieutenant Alexander Jack (Army) Rower
Captain Mitchell Lindsay (Army) Rower
Private Charles Patterson (Army) Rower
Lieutenant Casey Piket (Army) Rower
Leading Aircraftman Jackson Purtle (Air Force) Rower
Corporal Damien Richardson (Army) Rower
Corporal Rachel Rook (Army) Rower
Officer Cadet Lachlan Stevenson (Air Force) Rower
Flying Officer Ruby Brady-Welsh (Air Force) Coxswain / reserve rower
Flying Officer Jessica Winnall (Air Force) Coxswain / public affairs officer
Brigadier Alison Creagh (Army) Team manager / reserve rower
Commander Rebecca Levitt (Navy) Assistant team manager / reserve rower
Mr Iain Smith Head coach
Lieutenant Commander Kym Fisher (Navy) Assistant coach
Mr Geoff Brown Assistant coach
Private Owen Hingston (Army) Sports trainer / reserve rower
Midshipman Benjamin Page (Navy) Assistant coach / team administrator