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Anzac Day 2020

Anzac Day is a day of great significance for members of the Defence and Veteran community. While we are in exceptional times, recognition of Australian Veterans remains vitally important to community morale.

Defence will comply with Federal, State and Territory direction and guidance regarding COVID-19 protection measures (including social distancing and outdoor gatherings) while ensuring that Anzac Day is appropriately commemorated.

Anzac Day 2020 stories, images and video

A variety of Anzac Day 2020 stories, images and video will be available in the days preceding 25 April and beyond.

Anzac Day 2020 videos

Anzac Day 2020 videos are available in the Defence video portal.

Anzac Day 2020 images

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Anzac Day 2020 news

Anzac Day 2020 news is available in the Defence news portal.