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Anzac Day 2019

The Anzac spirit lives in the heart and minds of all Australians as we acknowledge the courage and sacrifice of those who contributed so much in shaping the identity of this proud nation.

Anzac Day is the most prominent of commemorative activities and Defence is proud to play an integral role in supporting the promotion and running of events to mark this solemn and significant day.

Anzac Day 2019 stories, images and video

A variety of Anzac Day 2019 stories, images and video will be available in the days preceding 25 April and beyond.

Anzac Day 2019 videos

Anzac Day 2019 videos are available in the Defence video portal.

Anzac Day 2019 images

Visit the Defence image gallery for Anzac Day 2019 images.

Anzac Day 2019 news

Anzac Day 2019 news is available in the Defence news portal.