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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Site Selection Process


The Site Selection Process is Defence’s procedure for approving the location of buildings, facilities and infrastructure across the Defence Estate.

The key driver behind the Site Selection Process is the sustainability of the Defence Estate. New facilities or infrastructure should “fit” appropriately within their surroundings and not adversely affect existing facilities and operations, or the safety and wellbeing of Defence and non-Defence personnel or neighbouring civilians. The process is designed to give consideration to a range of potential issues for all projects.

The Site Selection Process assesses the proposed sites against a number of criteria, or considerations, to determine the optimal siting for the project. It is designed to be a strategic instrument to identify and mitigate risks and allow for the highest and best use of the Defence Estate.

There are two Site Selection Review types:

  1. Regional Review; and
  2. Full Review.

Note: There may be occasions when a site is required to be selected at the 5% design phase of the Capital Facilities & Infrastructure project timeline. As the specifics of the project requirement are not yet known (e.g. required building height, footprint required), it is not possible to conduct an Site Selection Board to the detail of those at 30 % design. Please refer to the menu on the left on how to undertake a 5% Design site selection process.

A Full Review is undertaken for a project where the siting is deemed to be a moderate to high risk, while a Regional Review is undertaken for projects whose siting is considered to be low to moderate risk.

The approval authority for all Site Selection Process is the Assistant Secretary Estate Planning, within Infrastructure Division. This authority has been delegated for both of the review types.

The Regional Review type has been delegated to the Director Service Delivery for each of the relevant zones:

  • East & West Zone;
  • Northern & Central Zone; or
  • South East Zone.

The Full Review type has been delegated to the Estate Planning Director in charge of the relevant region:

  • South East and ACT (VIC, TAS,ACT and Riverina)
  • North and Central (NT,SA and QLD)
  • East West (WA, SNSW and NNSW)

More detail of the process steps found within this website can be found under Templates – Handbooks.

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