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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services




Estate Upkeep & Planning (DEPU)

EMOS 3rd Party Audits Program


Defence has a responsibility under Australian Legislation to maintain estate elements (buildings, infrastructure and equipment) located at all Properties in a safe and serviceable condition to support Defence capability. The Estate Upkeep Service is responsible for the management and maintenance of buildings, infrastructure and equipment to comply with legislation and to support the daily activities of Defence at various facilities and properties located within Australia and its Territories.

The provision of Estate Upkeep Services is delivered through the engagement of the EMOS contractor and defined in the Estate Maintenance and Operations Services (EMOS) Section 1.5 Estate Upkeep Description and Deliverables. There are three EMOS contractors delivering this service across the Defence Estate:

  • Spotless Facility Services: Southern New South Wales, Queensland.
  • BGIS: Northern New South Wales
  • Broadspectrum: Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and Northern Territory.

The EMOS contractor provides Estate Upkeep Services to estate elements utilising defined methodologies. Compliance requirements are identified for some but not all estate elements in the Estate Upkeep Services Definition Table (SDT) in accordance with Commonwealth, State / Territory and Local Legislation, Regulations, Codes and Guidelines, Australian Standards and Defence Policy. The contractor shall provide Estate Upkeep Services that contribute to the:

  • Delivery, operation and protection of Defence capability;
  • Safe use of Defence land, facilities and equipment;
  • Protection of environment and heritage; and
  • Protection of Defence‚Äôs reputation.

In order to provide Defence assurance that the EMOS contractors are maintaining estate elements to the required standard, the Estate Upkeep Services engaged a Third Party Consultant, Beca to develop and deliver a cost effective assurance model and program. The assurance program will assess 75 establishments over three years around Australia and consist of three key stages:

  1. Contract Level Assessment of the three EMOS management systems to assess the overall efficacy of their asset management systems, policies, procedures and plans
  2. Desktop Assessment of over 18,000 assets across the Defence Estate to assess if maintenance has taken place in accordance with the requirements of the SDT and relevant statutory and legislative requirements
  3. Physical Audit of assets for more than 300 facilities across the Defence Estate

The audit will specifically assess the EMOS compliance when delivering the following services:

  • Performance Based and Scheduled Maintenance (PBSM)
  • Asbestos Management (AM)
  • Estate Appraisal (EA)
  • Water Quality Management (WQM)
  • Registrable Plant (RP)
  • Electrical Operating Authority (EOA) obligations
  • Work Health and Safety (WHS)
  • Hazardous Chemicals Management (HAZCHEM)

A specific program schedule including sites details is located below

A printable copy of the Published Year 2 Program is available here: EMOS Audit Program Summary

Year 1 Program - 2019 - COMPLETE
Tranche Sites Assessed
2 Gallipoli Barracks, Kokoda Barracks, RAAF Amberley
3 HMAS COONAWARRA, Larrakeyah Barracks, Defence Establishment Berrimah, Robertson Barracks
4 RAAF Darwin
5 RAAF Tindal
6 RAAF Townsville and Lavarack Barracks
8 Borneo Barracks
11 Puckapunyal Military Area, DSTG Fishermans Bend
12 P&EE Port Wakefield, RAAF Edinburgh
13 Defence Establishment Orchard Hills, Holsworthy Barracks

Year 2 Program - 2020
Tranche Sites To Be Assessed Date Range
1 Blamey Barracks, RAAF Wagga Wagga 25 Nov - 04 May
2 RAAF Williams (Point Cook) 25 Nov - 24 Apr
3 Victoria Barracks Paddington (NSW), Randwick Barracks 19 Feb - 08 Jun
4 Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), Royal Military College Duntroon (RMC) 19 Feb - 08 Jun
5 RAAF Glenbrook 27 Mar - 16 Jul
6 Anglesea Barracks, Derwent Barracks 27 Mar - 20 Jul
7 Albury Wodonga Military Area (AMWA) 05 May - 20 Aug
8 Warradale Barracks, RAAF Woomera 05 May - 24 Aug
9 Defence Establishment Fairbairn, Russell Offices 09 Jun - 25 Sep
10 Fort Queenscliff, Victoria Barracks Melbourne (VIC) 08 Jun - 28 Sep
11 RAAF Scherger, Ross Island Barracks 15 Jul - 26 Oct
12 Edinburgh Defence Precinct, Woodside Barracks 15 Jul - 03 Nov
13 Lone Pine Barracks, RAAF Williamtown 19 Aug - 15 Dec
14 RAAF Curtin, RAAF Learmonth 19 Aug - 14 Dec

Year 3 Proposed Sites - 2021
2021 Sites To Be Assessed Region EMOS
Steele Barracks, Timor Barracks, HMAS KUTTABUL, RAAF Richmond NNSW BGIS
Army Aviation Centre, HMAS MORETON SQLD SFS
Tuggeranong, Gaza Ridge Barracks, Latchford Barracks, Mulwala ACT/SNSW SFS
Keswick Barracks, Elizabeth North Training Depot, Hampstead Barracks SA BRS
Campbell Barracks, Irwin Barracks, Leeuwin Barracks WA BRS
AGO Bendigo, P&EE Graytown, RAAF East Sale, HMAS CERBERUS, Simpson Barracks VIC BRS

Last Modified: December 2019
Technical Authority: ESD
Subject Matter Expert: DEPU