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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services



Estate Upkeep - Product Delivery

EU15 - Electrical Operating Authority

The roles and responsibilities of the Electrical Operating Authority for Low Voltage and High Voltage Power Generation and Electrical Reticulation Systems are the responsibility of the EMOS Contractor in accordance with Section EU15 of the Service Definition Table.

Management of Electrical Operating Authority Service

Undertake the role of Network Controller

Operation of Infrastructure System - Electrical - Distribution

Compliance Requirement for Infrastructure System - Electrical - Distribution

Operation of Equipment System - Electrical - Generation

Operation of Powerhouse and Over the Side Services

Performance Based Maintenance of Equipment System - Electrical - Generation such that the individual components of the system operate to achieve the design intent.

Compliance Requirement for Equipment System - Electrical - Generation

Compliance Requirement for Equipment - Electrical - Generation - Battery and Charger within Equipment System - Electrical - Generation