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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services



Estate Upkeep - Product Delivery

EU10 - Critical Systems Recovery Plan

Critical systems are those in the estate data where attribute of Criticality = Y which is based on a combination of Estate Class, the nature of the system, and Criticality Factor = 1 or 2, importance to Defence capability.

Criteria For Critical Systems

The requirements for critical systems recovery plans are included in the Service Definition Table

Activity 1 – Critical Systems Recovery Plans

Responsibility: EMOS Contractor

The EMOS is to provide Recovery Plans for Critical Systems to ensure a planned response to loss of capability for critical systems.  The EMOS is to:

  • Provide and Maintain Critical Systems Recovery Plan (CSRP) where they do not currently exist.
  • Obtain stakeholder agreement to CSRP plan, in accordance with CSRPs of others.
  • Contribute to the fullest extent practicable to existing Critical Systems Recovery Plans of others. 
  • Collaborate with stakeholders (E&IG and others including external service providers) to develop and maintain the recovery plans

Activity 2 – Critical Systems Failure Recovery Reports

Responsibility: EMOS Contractor

In the event of a defect on a Critical System, the EMOS is to provide a Critical Systems Failure Recovery Report.  The report is to detail the cause of the failure, effects, actions taken to reinstate, details of the stakeholder notifications and risk control strategies employed.

Regional Support to Critical Systems Recovery Plans

The following actions are to be delivered by the Regional EFS team, in response to requests from the EU PD.

  • Critical System Recovery Plans
  • Review Critical System Recovery Plans
  • Review recovery plan for sufficient detail and effective in recovering failed critical system within acceptable limits or providing effective alternative business continuity.
  • Prepare report on findings, conclusions and potential implications for EU

Critical System Failure Reports and Recovery Reports

  • Review Critical System Failure Reports and Recovery Reports.
  • Check that systems are maintained iaw SDT.
  • Check that applicable Critical System Recovery Plan was enacted.
  • Log any concerns with maintenance and or implementation of the recovery plan.
  • Prepare report on findings, conclusions and potential implications for EU