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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services




Directorate Estate Planning and Upkeep

Product Assurance

The EMOS 3rd Party Audits program is a three-year program which will assess 75 establishments around Australia.

Estate Appraisal Assurance Plan

Product Assurance:

  • Primary assurance responsibility delegated to contractor
  • Validation of delivered services
  • Level of assurance determined by risk and product performance indicators
  • EU / EA Plans based on EU and EA performance indicators in EMOS contract
  • Future development of product wide assurance
  • Resourcing assurance activity
  • Ongoing assurance plan

Assurance Plan

Service Definition Tables

Define the requirements for delivery of EU / EA Services

Key Performance Indicators

Measures chosen to provide an understanding of the performance level of the Contractors against the SDTs and the link to achievement of strategic business objectives

Risk Assessments /Risk Registers

Identifies causes and consequences that may prevent achieving corporate objectives / minimum performance levels Assesses the level of risk using the DSO Risk Management Framework

Performance Assurance Plan

Directs assurance effort and resources to areas of highest risk Examines representative samples of information that indicate the potential for risk events to occur as well those that affect the impact caused by occurrence of a risk event

The principles for Estate Upkeep Assurance are based on the following:

  • Primary assurance responsibility is the responsibility of the EMOS contractor.
  • Assurance is the validation of delivered services.
  • The level of assurance is determined by a combination of risk associated with the activity and the product performance indicators for Estate Upkeep.
  • The Estate Upkeep and Estate Appraisal Assurance Plans are based on EU and EA performance indicators in EMOS contract.
  • Future development of Estate Upkeep and Estate Appraisal Assurance Plans will broaden the focus to EU product wide assurance.
  • The EU PD and DEFS in each region are responsible for resourcing the assurance activity undertaken by SDD in accordance with the Estate Upkeep and Estate Appraisal Assurance Plans

The key quality assurance measures in the EMOS Contract are

  • 3rd Party Certified QA System
  • Self Audit Reports
  • Activity Reporting

In support of EMOS assurance, SDD assurance measures are based on:

  • Likely causes and consequences of risk
  • Targeting higher risk areas of the estate and higher risk maintenance activities;
  • Utilisation of appropriate and effective assurance methods including
    • Audit
    • Regular reporting
    • Data review
    • Spot checking
    • Specific activities for maximum outcome

Last Modified: June 2019
Technical Authority: ESD
Subject Matter Expert: DEPU