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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Design Management/Progression

Process Tasks

Task 2 - Functional Design Brief

Develop Functional Design Brief (Functional and/or Performance Based)

Note: FDB Template has been removed because it is no longer up to date and is of limited suitability for Defence projects in its current form. Defence expects that Consultants developing Design Briefs on its behalf would apply professional skills and expertise necessary to advise the Designer on the Defence requirements and provide sufficient information to enable design outputs to be verified against them. Defence specific requirements to be included in the FDB are to be developed and identified in consultation with the Defence Project Director and all relevant Defence stakeholders. Defence Standard Engineering Inclusions are provided to identify Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Engineering and Aircraft Pavement requirement. Some of the key Defence requirements contained in DEQMS are referenced below.

Defence Requirements are:

Design Gate - Stakeholder Endorsement / Agreement of User Requirements through the Functional Design Brief

Task 6 - Design Certification

Completion in accordance with the Contract

Version Control
Version No: 7.8 | Last Updated: Jul 19
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Subject Matter Expert: DCC/DEEP