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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification


Tender Lodgement

Tender Lodgement via AusTender

Defence use the Level 3 electronic lodgement functionality to allow industry to submit their tenders to a secure tenderbox via the AusTender website.

Once the decision has been made to close a Tender electronically the following key activities need to be actioned:

  1. Tender Documents - Ensure the tender documents specify electronic submission of responses.
  2. AusTender - Select the option to allow electronic submission of responses.
  3. Tender Opening - Preparation
    • Select the Electronic Opening Team - Visit Directorate Program Assurance (DPA) to identify CFI users with appropriate access. You will need 1 "Opener" and 2 "Witness".
    • Setup Calendar Appointment - At a miminum of 2 weeks prior to tender close, send an Outlook Request to the "Electronic Opening Team".
      • Include a copy of the PDDP /PEP to validate procurement.
      • Include an objective folder reference for saving responses.
      • Include the AusTender Passphrase created at time of publishing the ATM.
  4. Tender Opening

Tender Lodgement via Email - (DIP, EHE and non-DIP Tenders)

Please refer to the Email Guidance for General Tendering, Defence Infrastructure Panel (DIP) and the Defence Environment, Heritage and Engineering Panel (EHE) and non DIP/ EHE Tenders.

IMPORTANT: If there is a change to the tender closing time, email the email address.