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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification

Probity - Internal Advice

DQC can provide services in the instances where there is no access to a Probity Advisor, and to support procurement activities to engage a Probity Advisor from the Defence Infrastructure Panel (DIP).

Note: It is mandatory for all CFI procurement activities (excluding Legal) to have a Probity Advisor engaged.

IMPORTANT: When using DQC to provide internal Probity advice, the Project Team will be responsible for recording all Probity related communication in the Probity Communication Register. This register must then be attached to the relevant Board Report as an Annex.


How do I request DQC as a Probity Advisor?

When seeking DQC’s services, please ensure you engage early by sending an email to to advise of your requirements, including the dates of Industry Briefings and Tender Boards, and any other relevant information. The Director of Quality and Compliance will then allocate a Probity Advisor. To avoid delays, please allow sufficient time for review of all requests.

Internal Probity Advice provided by DQC will include independent advice and assistance during the procurement process to ensure that the procurement is conducted fairly and in accordance with Commonwealth requirements.

Probity Services Available from DQC:

  • Review Request For Proposals;
  • Review and clear addenda and information documents;
  • Respond to questions from the Board during the tender process;
  • Review Industry Briefing materials (if different from those available on DEQMS);
  • Provide a Probity Briefing at the Industry Briefing;
  • Prepare and deliver a verbal Probity Brief before the commencement of the Tender process to ensure project staff are fully aware of their responsibilities and obligations from the outset;
  • DQC typically do not attend the Tender Evaluation Board, however where necessary are able to provide guidance and advice during or after the proceedings;
  • Review the draft Tender Evaluation Board Report; and
  • If required, provide assistance to support the debriefing process.

Note: We do not duplicate the role of the formally engaged external Probity Advisor, however there may be some instances where the advice provided is not agreed with or doesn’t align with the Branch approach. In these circumstances, DQC will work with the Project team (and sometimes their Probity Advisors) to work through the issue and to come up with a resolution.

DCQ Internal Probity Advisors:

  • Lisa Drummond
  • Anita Ugrinic
  • Shonhae Killer
  • Julie Wignall