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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification

Probity - External Advice

All CFI Branch projects with a value greater than $6 million (including GST) must utilise an External Probity Advisor (EPA).

The best-practice approach is to include the requirement for an EPA within the Project Development and Delivery Plan (PDDP).

After approval has been obtained for the PDDP, Probity Advisors should be the first consultant engaged, so that their Probity services are available for all subsequent procurements.

Engagement of external Probity Advisors may also be considered for projects under $6 million which may have significant technical, operational, subject matter or profile risks. In such a case, the PDDP must include the risks that justify engagement of an external Probity Advisor.

How do I engage a Probity Advisor

Probity Advisors are to be engaged from the Probity Services Panel under the Defence Infrastructure Panel (DIP). Commensurate with the size, scale and level of risk associated with the procurement, direct sourcing of a Probity Advisor can be considered. However direct sourcing of a Probity Advisor must be justified within the PDDP and signed off by the delegate.

Project Officers are to be aware that some of the Probity Advisors on the DIP are also Legal Services Providers under the Defence Legal Panel. To avoid tasking the same firm for the provision of both Probity and Legal Services, the Directorate of External Legal Services (DELS) must be advised at the time of the submission of the Request for Legal Services as to which Probity Advisor has been appointed.