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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Lessons Learnt and Knowledge Management

Process Stage - Delivery

This business process stage provides a range of questions that should be considered at a minimum however additional questions and areas of consideration are encouraged by Project teams.  The questions provided are as a baseline and have been kept where possible to a high level. Project teams will be expected to consider the question, agree on a response and provide detailed narrative that provides context against how well each of the issues where applied/managed through the relevant stage. Both positive and negative reflections should be considered.

When to Start Lessons Learnt Register

  • PMCA Services - Commence the "Delivery" Lessons Learnt Register at the start of the process.
  • Progressively collect lessons and observations throughout this stage using project activities where possible to drive consideration. Apply any common learnt lessons that came out of the previous stage.

When to Conduct Lesson Learnt Workshop

What to Consider

In addition to the issues captured in the Lesson Learnt Register the following should be considered:

PMCA Development Phase

  • Did the PMCA perform well during this phase?
  • Were there any issues and if so, was the PMCA reactive and resolve them in a timely manner?
  • Did the PMCA manage the deliverables during this phase and did they represent the Commonwealth well?


  • Were there any issues in the following activities?
    • Suite of Contracts tendering documentation
    • Legal services provider services
    • DEQMS templates
    • The Tender period – i.e clarifications, industry briefing, tender lodgement.
    • Probity consideration
    • Were there any procurement lessons learnt indentified previously that were either not applied here or were applied and failed to be resolved?


  • Were there any design issues that arose during the construction phase? If so, were they reasonable and managed well by the PMCA?
  • Were there any WHS issues during the construction phase of the project? If so was the contractor reactive? Did the PMCA manage the issue? And was it reported in a timely manner?
  • Were there any repeat WHS issues and if so, did the contractor review their Safety Management Plan to reduce the likelihood of repeat instances?
  • Were there variations for this stage of the project? If so, were they deemed as reasonable? Were they managed in a timely manner by the PMCA?
  • Did the monthly meeting occur on the scheduled basis and were they attended by all parties.
  • Overall during this phase of the project did the PMCA perform well?

Other Issues

  • Were there any WHS issues during this stage and if so, how were they managed?
  • CIOG
  • DSA
  • SDD
  • Environmental
  • Heritage
  • DEEP