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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Defence Infrastructure Panel (DIP) 2017-2022


The following templates have been designed to be used by the Commonwealth for all Defence Infrastructure Panel engagements. These use of the following templates is mandatory.

Template Letter - Letter of Expression of Interest

The letter of Expression of Interest is to be used to determine whether a consultant is willing to submit a proposal for a single stage procurement process.

Template - Request for Proposal - Simple

This template is to be used for simple panel engagements

Template - Request for Proposal - Complex

This template is to be used for complex panel engagements. This template must be used for all PMCA engagements under the Panel as it contains the relevant special conditions.

Proforma Documents and Notices

The proforma documents and notices have been developed for use with each clause that requires a notice to be given under the Terms of Engagement or that requires the use of a collateral document in a form required by the Commonwealth (such as a payment statement).