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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSi Certification

Risk Management

Risk is an integral part of all Defence activities. It has an upside (opportunity) and a downside (threat). Risks can manifest in many forms (for example: capability, safety, financial, or reputational), all of which have the potential to impact the achievement of the Defence mission.

With effective risk management - and the underlying risk culture, policies and systems -Estate and Infrastructure Group ( E&IG) is able to identify, understand and manage risks relevant to the delivery of Defence estate and infrastructure, which in turn leads to fewer surprises and losses.

We use risk management as a tool to reduce uncertainty, maximise opportunities and help promote Defence’s long-term effectiveness. GEMS is the mandated risk governance tool within E&IG.

Version Control
Version No: 9.3 | Last Updated: Feb 18 | Next Review: Jul 18
Technical Authority: FASI / FASSD
Subject Matter Expert: FASI / FASSD