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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Finance Compliance Element Procurement

Implementation & Operation

Non Material Procurement (NMP) Shared Service

The Non Material Procurement (NMP) Shared Services has embeded staff within each area of Defence, their role is to oversee and assist in the procurement activities for that respective area. They do this by:

  • Identification & selection of procurement method & writing supporting procurement documentation
  • Writing business cases/submissions for endorsement to proceed approval and the PGPA Act Section 23 Delegation
  • Developing request documentation and evaluation documentation
  • Managing tender evaluation processes and documenting process & reports
  • Establishing and/or negotiating contracts
  • Providing procurement advice
  • Category management such as such as supply market analysis, supplier analysis, etc
  • Creating reports for category management
  • Working with suppliers and stakeholders to identify and implement savings initiatives
  • Strategic contract management such as supporting strategic reviews, contract change, contract dispute
  • Conducting procurement assurance or audit activity or providing probity services

The Procurement Shared Service and Finance Shared Service support each other and you can contact them via the below details:

Capital Facilities & Infrastructure (CFI) Project Procurement

Some Guidance documents have been developed to assist you in your project procurement activities and in some cases provide further information on how to interpret the procurement process.

Services offered include:

  • Providing capital construction procurement, contract management and compliance advice in support of delivering the Major Capital Facilities (MCF) program
  • Manage and maintain the branch specific business processes, tool and resources that support the delivery of the MCF program
  • Manage the quality assurance framework through DEQMS inclusive of continuous corporate improvement and internal business improvement reform activities
  • Provide procurement and contract specific training to members of the Branch