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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

Environment Compliance Element Environmental Management


EE Branch monitors the ongoing application of Smart Infrastructure. During planning and design its application is monitored using the Smart Infrastructure checklists submitted at each key project stage:

At Construction Completion, the submitted Metering Strategy and construction waste recycling and reuse target will be reviewed as required. These reporting streams are used to inform Defence’s corporate knowledge relating to ESD and WOL.  The monitoring of resource performance for existing, new and refurbished infrastructure during operation is undertaken using the Resource Data Management System. Ongoing feedback regarding Smart Infrastructure can be provided using the following Smart Infrastructure email.


DEEERMS produces an internal report on the Smart Infrastructure initiatives and innovations implemented annually on projects from the Facilities Infrastructure Program. This report covers implementation and assessment against the Smart Infrastructure policy objectives.


Smart Infrastructure undergoes a strategic evaluation every two years. The purpose of the evaluation is to review Smart Infrastructure’s technical content, identify intended and unintended consequences, stakeholder impacts, lessons learnt, and recommend improvements to ensure the requirements remain relevant and continuously drive improvements in the delivery of the Defence infrastructure.