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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSi Certification

Objective Compliance ElementSpatial Data Management Plan (SDMP)

The Spatial Data Management Plan (SDMP) has been developed to provide standards and specifications for spatial data management, with an emphasis on formalisation of existing practices. The standards and specifications within the SDMP will improve data consistency and availability of information, and facilitate spatial information dissemination and sharing within E&IG. With its use, E&IG will achieve a standardised approach to spatial data management that will realise many benefits to both the organisation and its staff.


To provide updates to the SDMP please complete the SDMP Change Request Form and email to Estate Geospatial. For details of the changes in version 5.0, published December 2020, please refer to the Change Summary.


The Subject Matter Expert for the SDMP is the Manager, Spatial Systems, Estate Geospatial.

Version Control
Version No: 5.0 | Last Updated: Dec 20
Technical Authority: GEMS&BT
Subject Matter Expert: Manager, Spatial Systems