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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification


Defence National Sub-meter Program

The Government's Energy Efficiency in Government Operations (EEGO) policy requires Defence to develop and implement a comprehensive energy management strategy. This includes a metering, monitoring and management program covering bases responsible for 80 per cent of the Defence's stationary energy consumption, to facilitate energy reporting against EEGO's specific end use categories. Defence developed the National Sub-meter Program (NSP) in response to the EEGO policy.

To meet the objectives of Defence’s NSP the Resource Data Management System (RDMS) has been implemented.

An explanation of the suite of documents under the NSP is described here.

Adding Meters

Electricity and water meters installed under the NSP and being connected to the RDMS shall be in accordance with the NSP Requirements, Contractor Installation Instruction and hardware specifications under the heading ‘Meter Documentation’. Any new or replacement meters being connected to the RDMS need to have a relevant New Meter Form and Meter Hierarchy submitted to the NSP Program Manager.

Any new or replacement meters need to be also separately added to Defence's estate information system. For further information refer to Estate Information.