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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification

Engineering & Maintenance Compliance Element Engineering & Maintenance

The primary responsibilities of Estate Engineering Policy are the development and promulgation of engineering policy along with the provision of engineering advice and guidance to support the management and development of the Defence estate. Estate Engineering Policy manage the Estate Engineering Governance and Integrity System (EGIS) and monitor compliance with engineering policy requirements. Engineering policy and guidance is published on the Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) website.


Director Estate Engineering Policy: Mr Mark Sweetman
Tel. 08 6459 4343 | Mobile: 0484 577 940

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Estate Governance and Integrity System (EGIS)

The EGIS Section is responsible for the effective management of the system including leading initial system implementation, managing EGIS training, establishing and monitoring governance arrangements for the system.

The EGIS was endorsed by the Estate and Infrastructure Project Steering Group on Friday 28 June 2019.

The purpose of the EGIS is to effectively manage safety risks and hazards, while ensuring fit-for-purpose and compliant facilities that support Defence capability and operations.

The intent of the EGIS is to strengthen relationships between Defence and industry across the capability life-cycle: where industry assures engineering compliance obligations are fulfilled, while Defence makes it easy to comply.

The EEGIS sets the policy framework for how engineering policy and services is conducted across the estate life-cycle. The EGIS also defines governance arrangements, including roles and responsibilities for all staff, for how to integrate engineering policy and services into the estate life-cycle.

View the EGIS page and section contacts.

Aerodrome Policy

The Aerodrome Policy Section is responsible for aeronautical ground lighting and aircraft pavement policy and advice. The section is the approval authority for aircraft pavement concessions for all sealed ADF airfields. The Section also conducts pavement and AGL inspections and subsequently prioritises and recommends scope to be delivered through the National Airfields Program delivered by CFI.

View the Aerodrome Policy page and section contacts.

Building Works

The Building Works section is responsible for development and maintenance of the Building Works Manual (BWM) and associated guidelines and templates.

View the Building Works page and section contacts

Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering Section is responsible for the Infrastructure electrical engineering policy and advice.

View the Electrical Engineering page and section contact.

Fire Safety Engineering

The Fire Safety Engineering Section is responsible for development and maintenance of the Manual of Fire Protection Engineering (MFPE) and associated guidelines and templates. The section provides policy interpretation and advice and also reviews Defence project designs, National Construction Code performance solutions and MFPE dispensation requests.

View the Fire Safety Engineering page and section contact.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Section is responsible for Infrastructure mechanical engineering policy and advice, including heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems, safety showers and eye washes.

View the Mechanical Engineering page and section contact.

Range Safety Compliance Section

The Range Safety Compliance Section (RSCS) is responsible for providing technical advice on range design, construction and safety compliance and through life maintenance. The National Range Inspectors conduct scheduled biennial safety, serviceability, and compliance inspections/audits of all permanent (land) live fire training facilities, test and evaluation facilities, permanent demolition ranges and civilian (non-Defence) live fire ranges authorised for ADF and ADF Cadet use. RSCS is also responsible for the issuing of Certificates of Range Safety Compliance on behalf of the First Assistant Secretary Infrastructure.

View the Range Design and Compliance page and section contacts.

Other engineering-related policy that applies to the Defence estate

To understand what other engineering-related policies are applicable to the Defence estate, please refer to the Estate Governance and Integrity System.

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