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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification


Manual of Infrastructure Engineering - Electrical (MIEE)

The Manual of Infrastructure Engineering - Electrical (MIEE) is the primary Defence policy document for determining the electrical engineering requirements for Defence facilities and infrastructure. Its provisions are mandatory.

The MIEE nominates Regulations and Standards as the minimum construction and maintenance standard for Defence Facilities and Infrastructure, but, recognising the unique nature of some Defence facilities and equipment housed in those facilities, the Manual generally nominates additional levels of electrical engineering than those required by Regulations and Standards.

All Defence new construction, refurbishment projects and maintenance activities are required to comply with the electrical engineering requirements detailed in this Manual.

It is not intended that the requirements of this Manual be applied retrospectively to existing installations.

Electrical Installation Principle

Electrical installations in Defence establishments and in Defence leased premises shall conform to the requirements of all applicable State or Territory electrical legislation and their subsequent regulations and guidelines for where the installation or facility is located.

MIEE 2011, Amendment 1

The Manual as originally issued in 2011 has been amended to reflect changes made to a number of Chapters.  The Chapters affected are;

  • Chapter 12 - Residual Current Devices Protection. This chapter has been removed as the requirements for RCDs is set out in AS/NZS 3000:2007, the Wiring Rules.
  • Chapter 15 - Hazardous Area and Explosive Area Electrical Installations. This chapter has been updated to reflect current Defence requirements.
  • Chapter 28 - Power Control and Monitoring Systems (PCMS). This chapter has been added to provide guidance as to Defence's requirements.

MIEE 2011, Amendment 2

Chapter 26 covering HV & LV Distribution Requirements has been updated and this is included in this Amendment 2 of the MIEE.

MIEE 2011, Amendment 2.1

Chapter 26, Table 26.1 updated.  The requirement for only indoor substations at RAAF Tindal removed.

MIEE 2011, Amendment 2.2

Chapter 26, Section 26.111 updated for the crossing of aircraft pavements.

MIEE 2011, Amendment 3

Chapter 26, Sections 26.158, 26.162 & 26.164 updated.
Chapter 28 - PCMS, updated.

Contact Officer

The contact officer for authorisation of issue or queries in relation to the Manual is the Director Estate Engineering Policy (DEEP) on 02 6266 8173.

MIEE Contents
Chapter # Chapter Name Year of Issue
N/A Foreword and Index N/A
Chapter 1 Infrastructure Electrical Engineering 2011
Chapter 2 Reserved, not in use. N/A
Chapter 3 High Voltage System Master Plans and Project Development Plans 2011
Chapter 4 Documentation Standards 2011
Chapter 5 Reserved, not in use. N/A
Chapter 6 Certification and Verification 2011
Chapter 7 Design Requirements 2011
Chapter 8 Construction Requirements and project Controls 2011
Chapter 9 Reserved, not in use N/A
Chapter 10 General Technical Requirements 2011
Chapter 11 Low Voltage Distribution Pillars and Switchboards Labeling and Numbering 2011
Chapter 12 removed N/A
Chapter 13 Artificial Lighting 2011
Chapter 14 Power Factor Correction 2011
Chapter 15 Hazardous Area and Explosive Area Electrical Installations 2016
Chapter 16 Power Systems for Aircraft Servicing and other 400Hz Applications 2011
Chapter 17 Other Requirements (Aircraft Earth Reference Points, Wharf Services, Liquid Dry Breathing Oxygen / Cryogenic Facilities, Battery Room) 2011
Chapter 18 Reserved, not in use N/A
Chapter 19 Reserved, not in use N/A
Chapter 20 Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) 2011
Chapter 21 Local Emergency Generator (LEG) Requirements 2011
Chapter 22 Mobile Generator Link Box ( MGLB) 2011
Chapter 23 Reserved, not in use. N/A
Chapter 24 Reserved, not in use. N/A
Chapter 25 Reserved, not in use. N/A
Chapter 26 High and Low Voltage Distribution System Requirements 2018
Chapter 27 Central Emergency Power Stations (CEPS), Central Power Stations (CPS) and Central Energy Plant (CEP) 2011
Chapter 28 Power Control and Monitoring Systems (PCMS) 2016
Chapter 29 Reserved, not in use. N/A
Appendix A Electrical Engineering Design Compliance Guide 2011
Appendix B Sample Dispensation Request 2011
Appendix C Electrical Standard Engineering Inclusions 2011
N/A Glossary N/A
N/A MIEE 2011, Amendment 3 Combined Document 2018
Technical Memo 1 Electrical Substations Close to Marine Locations 2017