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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification

Estate Governance and Integrity System (EGIS)

EGIS is the framework governing the compliance and conformance of the Defence Estate with regulation, industry standards and Defence policy. EGIS defines the strategy, roles and responsibilities with which Defence will achieve compliance and conformance success in planning, delivering and sustaining the Defence Estate.

Name Change – EEGIS to EGIS!

The framework has been renamed to the Estate Governance and Integrity System (EGIS) as “Engineering” created the impression that EGIS only related to engineering policy. EGIS is applicable to all Defence policies which impact the Defence Estate. Please note there may be occasionally references and links containing the old acronym.

Contact Us

For further enquiries, please contact Oliver Kerr - Assistant Director – EGIS Reform Program

EGIS Inbox:
Phone: 02 6266 8570

Or Director of Estate Engineering and Policy
Phone: James Steinberg, Director Estate Engineering Policy on 02 6266 8178.

Version Control
Version No: 4.3 | Last Updated: Apr 21
Technical Authority: ASEE | Subject Matter Expert: DEEGIS