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PFAS Investigation &
Management Program

Management Activities

Management Activities

Defence is continuously working towards the effective monitoring and management of PFAS contamination on, and in the vicinity of, Defence sites. Defence continues to engage with industry experts both nationally and internationally to identify the best management and remediation options for PFAS.

The best management and remediation options for a particular site are determined by site-specific factors, including hydrogeology, soil configuration, the extent of contamination and the nature of exposure pathways. The environmental investigations completed by Defence have provided valuable site-specific information.

PFAS Management Area Plans

At the end of each investigation Defence uses the findings to develop a PFAS Management Area Plan that is tailored to the unique conditions of the site. The aim of the PFAS Management Area Plan is to manage and reduce the risks of PFAS exposure at the site and in the broader management area. All finalised PFAS Management Area Plans are available on the publications page.

Ongoing Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring forms an important part of each PFAS Management Area Plan. Defence is continuing to monitor the concentration and geographical spread of PFAS at sites where an investigation is complete.

Current Management and Remediation Measures

Click through the slides below to see what Defence is currently doing to manage and remediate PFAS contamination.