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Defence Environmental Management


Environmental Management

Defence recognises that it is a custodian of the environment and is committed to sustainable environmental management. The environment is a critical enabler to ADF capability and must be protected to ensure that Defence activities can be sustained into the future.

The Defence Environmental Strategy, released in October 2016, informs defence environmental management. This strategy focuses on five strategic aims to manage present and emerging environmental challenges and opportunities. The strategic aims are outlined below.

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The Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) contains information on environmental management relating to implementation, compliance, assurance and reporting.

Defence Environmental Vision

Defence will be a leader in sustainable environmental management to support the ADF capability to defend Australia and its national interests.

Environmental Strategy

Strategic Aim 1:

Defence will deliver a sustainable estate across Defence maritime, land and aerospace areas, activities and operations

This strategic aim covers biodiversity conservation, biosecurity, feral animals, weeds, overabundant species, bushfire management, soil conservation, climate change and disaster management

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Strategic Aim 2:

Defence will understand and manage its environmental impacts

This strategic aim covers environmental impact assessment and approval

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Strategic Aim 3:

Defence will minimise future pollution risks and manage existing contamination risks

This strategic aim covers pollution prevention, contamination management and site remediation

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Strategic Aim 4:

Defence will improve the efficiency of its resource consumption and strengthen resource security

This strategic aim covers energy efficiency, ecologically sustainable development, sustainable procurement, waste minimisation and water management

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Strategic Aim 5:

Defence will recognise and manage the Defence estate heritage values

This strategic aim covers heritage management

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Implementation, monitoring and reporting framework

The Defence Environmental Policy provides the implementation, monitoring and reporting framework in support of this Defence Environmental Strategy by laying out specific actions, timeframes and responsibilities