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About Defence grants

The Department of Defence provides grants to support the achievement of Defence’s strategic priorities to defend Australia and its national interests; and protect and advance Australian strategic interests. The provision of funding by Defence is subject to meeting Australian Government Policy Objectives associated with Defence and its outcomes.

Defence grants are supported by the authority set out in section 32B of the Financial Framework (Supplementary Powers) Act 1997 and Schedules 1AA and 1AB of the Financial Framework (Supplementary Powers) Regulations 1997. Defence has established a range of grant programs that align with our outcomes and strategic priorities and are supported by legal authority.

Potential grant applicants are encouraged to review the grant opportunity guidelines to ensure that there is alignment between the program and their initiative as it is essential to ensure that there is an appropriate legislative basis for any grant payment.

Below is a list of Defence grant programs, with links to further information:

  • ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership Awards
    The ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Awards started in 2006 to recognise students who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within both the school and broader local community.
  • ADF Future Innovators Awards
    The award recognises recipients’ science and mathematics abilities while highlighting the value the Navy, Army and Air Force place on STEM skills and STEM career opportunities within Defence.
  • Army History Research Program
    The Australian Army History Research Grants Scheme was established in 1993 to support and encourage original research into the history of the Australian Army.
  • Australia-US Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative
    AUSMURI operates in conjunction with the United States Department of Defense’s Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI). It encourages partnerships between Australian and US-based institutions.
  • Defence Cooperative Research Centres
    The Defence CRC Program links industry with researchers to deliver game-changing Defence capabilities.
  • Family Support Funding
    Through the Family Support Funding Program (FSFP) community organisations can apply for a grant to deliver support and services of value to Defence families and the communities they live in.
  • Global Competitiveness
    Grants to help Australian businesses invest in projects that build their defence export capability.
  • Joint Strike Fighter Industry Support Program
    The Joint Strike Fighter Industry Support Program (JSP-ISP) – Sustainment Grant assists Assigned-Product Support Providers (A-PSPs) to develop and implement an approved Depot Maintenance Activation Plan (DMAP).
  • Industry Skilling Program Enhancement
    The Program facilitates an understanding of defence industry; provides access to defence industry career experiences; provides access to mentoring and networking opportunities and encourages student participation in STEM activities and/or subjects that will lead to an increase in the pool of young people with the knowledge and skills to purse defence industry careers.
  • National Intelligence and Security Discovery Research Grants Program
    The NISDRG program supports excellent research that deepens understanding of emerging science and technology and addresses intelligence and national security interests.
  • Skilling Australia’s Defence Industry
    Skilling Australia’s Defence Industry Grants provide businesses servicing the defence sector with upskilling and training opportunities to build skills capacity and capability to meet current or future Defence needs.
  • Strategic Policy
    The Strategic Policy Grants Program (SPGP) aims to deliver outcomes that support Defence policy objectives to increase the strategic policy workforce’s capability to deliver high quality policy advice to Defence and the Australian Government.

How do I apply?

Commonwealth grant opportunities and their guidelines, including the Department of Defence grant opportunities, are published on the Government grants portal GrantConnect. Information on GrantConnect includes details of who can apply for each grant opportunity, how to complete the application form and how it will progress.

For further information on specific Defence grant opportunities, please use the relevant link listed above.

Any application for a Defence grant should clearly explain the expected outcomes of the initiative, how these are linked to Defence priorities, and in particular, how your initiative seeks to support the specific priorities expressed in the grant program guidelines

Can't find a grant for you?

While Defence may not have a program that supports your initiative, there may be a program managed by another Commonwealth agency that would. For a list of current Commonwealth grants, please see GrantConnect.

For further assistance

Should you have any questions regarding Defence grants please email

For more information please refer to: