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Defence Community Organisation

For ADF members and their families

1800 624 608

Education and qualifications

Defence Learning Branch

The Defence Learning Branch supports training and education for ADF members. They can provide you with information on the Defence Assisted Study Scheme and other Education Assistance Schemes. The Defence Assisted Study Scheme allows you to study any course relevant to your field at any Australian university or recognised Registered Training Organisation.

ADF Skills Guides

The ADF Skills Guides have been developed to foster an understanding of transferable military skills.

The Guides are intended for use by all veterans at any point in their career, including post-transition. Articulating career and military skills in civilian language, they situate a member’s training and skills by rank within the Service hierarchy.

Defence Civilian Accreditation Program

Defence may be able to provide you with nationally recognised civilian qualifications for the training and experience gained during your service. There are different processes for each Service.


Accreditations achieved by members after February 2018 are issued through the Department of Defence Registered Training Organisation (RTO) (0442) and are in both electronic and hardcopy form at point of achievement. To request accreditation achieved after February 2018 from Defence RTO, you’ll need to apply by:

Accreditations achieved by members prior to February 2018 were issued electronically at point of achievement by Navy Registered Training Organisation (RTO). To request accreditation achieved prior to February 2018 from Navy RTO, you’ll need to apply by:

  • completing Form AE204: Request for RAN issued VET Qualifications; or
  • contacting the Defence Call Centre on 1800 DEFENCE (1800 333 362) for more information.


Civilian Qualifications for Army Courses

Army issues civil qualifications automatically after the course. You would’ve been advised prior to the training, if you were to receive a qualification

Civilian Qualifications by Recognition

Army may offer qualifications to assist members with transition to civilian employment. If currently available, these qualifications can be obtained through the submission of a recognition portfolio.

For enquiries: contact the Directorate of Customer Access Management at: or phone 1800 333 362.

Air Force

Issues accreditations automatically after the course.

If you completed accredited training under Air Force’s scope of registration and haven’t been issued your accreditation email