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Defence Community Organisation

For ADF members and their families

1800 624 608

Moving and relocation

Defence Community Organisation provides a range of mobility-related support services to assist Defence families when relocating due to posting. We provide proactive and preventative services that focus on building Defence families’ knowledge, skills and resilience to manage the potential impacts of the mobile lifestyle.

ADF service often requires Defence members and their families to relocate within Australia and overseas, and many can expect to relocate on average every two to three years. We know that Defence families may experience disruptions, such as dislocation from extended family, supports and community services as well as discontinuity of allied healthcare, and impacts on children’s education and ADF partners’ employment.

There are also many benefits such as travel, new experiences and meeting different people that can increase a person’s adaptability and self-reliance.

Making the move

We have information and resources available to guide you through the practical considerations and emotional impacts of a move. Children in particular may need assistance to make sense of such a major change.

Our resources outline steps you can take to orchestrate the move effectively, minimise the disruption to your family's life, integrate into your new community, and make these experiences smooth, successful and positive for all involved.

For more information about relocations or our support services, contact the Defence Family Helpline on or 1800 624 608.


Defence has developed an online posting platform to assist with domestic postings. PostingConnect has been designed to guide you and your nominated representative through the numerous tasks related to a posting. To find out more, visit the PostingConnect website.