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Defence Community Organisation

For ADF members and their families

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Postage & subscriptions

I've changed my address

Change of address information is through PMKeyS if you’re an automatic recipient

DFM is sent to full-time service personnel who have one or more dependants. We use the PMKeyS database, the Defence employee pay information system, to gather postal addresses. The magazine also goes to Reservists who are on Continual Fulltime Service at the time the list is created. If you have a dependant but don’t believe the magazine is relevant to you then please let us know. When you move, the Service person of your family needs to log on to PMKeyS Self Service (PSS) on a Defence computer and update 'My Personal Details'. 

Those members who cannot access a Defence computer can change their details via an AD 150 - ADF Personal Data PMKeyS form. Their personnel administrators will be able to provide a copy of the form and process the request. 

I subscribed independently

For those recipients who do not automatically receive the magazine, such as part-time Reservists, or family members or friends who have separately subscribed, then please let us know.

I'm missing my copy

Are you at an address we cannot deliver to?

We cannot deliver to Blocks, Ships, Live-in-lines, Barracks, Rooms, Cabins, or Messes. Due to the high volume of returned mail from those addresses we do not send to the above. If you have the above type of address and cannot change your contact address, then please let us know. However the address has to be either a residential address or PO Box number. 

Did you not get a copy, or did your copy go to an old address? 

If you're at a residential address and you missed out or the magazine went to an old address then it may be because your address changed after we prepared the last distribution list. Lists are prepared in February, April, July and October.

I want my dependant to get a copy

If you’re separated from your dependant, such as with Members With Dependants (Unaccompanied), we can add your dependants to the additional distribution list and, once you’re together again, you can let us know to delete the additional magazine. Then please let us know.

I don't want the magazine or I get too many copies

If you would like to stop receiving the printed version of DFM please let us know.

If you’re an automatic recipient then you will no longer receive a copy once the next distribution list is prepared (lists are prepared in February, April, July and October). 
If you’re not an automatic recipient please please let us know and we will remove you from the distribution list.

If you and your partner receive a copy of the magazine please nominate one of you to be taken off the distribution list please let us know.