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Defence Aviation Safety Authority

Aviation Safety Posters

This page provides information pertaining to Aviation Safety Posters. Click on each image to load the related information.

High-Risk Weather Season Awareness

Plan, Prepare and Respond pic

Plan, Prepare and Respond ARMY pic

Plan, Prepare and Respond NAVY pic

Plan, Prepare and Respond RAAF pic

Aviation Health

Hypoxia pic

Passengers pic

Passengers pic 2


COVID-19 Distracted pic

COVID-19 Preoccupied pic

COVID-19 Distracted ARMY pic

COVID-19 Distracted NAVY pic

COVID-19 Distracted RAAF pic

COVID-19 Distractions pic

New Normal ARMY pic

New Normal NAVY pic

New Normal RAAF pic

General Aviation

Four Pillars pic

Airside Radio pic

Capability Killers pic

Rules and Procedures 1  pic

Rules and Procedures 2 pic

Human Factors

Double-Check pic

Human-Error pic

Memory Airforce

Memory Navigation pic

OIP pic