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Defence Aviation Safety Authority

DASR Forms

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DASR Form 1 DOC-969KB Authorised Release Certificate (ARC)
DASR Form 2 PDF-1567KB Application For DASR 145 and DASR M Subpart G Approval
DASR Form 3 Approval Certificate and Schedule DASR 145
DASR Form 4 PDF-667KB Acceptance Of Nominated Management Personnel
DASR Form 11 Maintenance Training Organisation Approval
DASR Form 12 PDF-625KB Application For DASR 147 Initial-Changes Of Approval
DASR Form 14 Approval Certificate Schedule DASR M
DASR Form 15a PDF-630KB Military Airworthiness Review Certificate Issue Recommendation
DASR Form 15b PDF-1067KB Military Airworthiness Review Certificate (CAMO)
DASR Form 15c PDF-1998KB Military Airworthiness Review Certificate Record
DASR Form 18b PDF-2238KB Application for Approval of Flight Conditions
DASR Form 19 PDF-1661KB

Application for issue/Amendment of DASR 66 Military Aircraft Maintenance Licence

DASR Form 21 PDF-2774KB Application for a Military Permit to Fly
DASR Form 25a PDF-1653KB Application for a Certificate Of Airworthiness
DASR Form 26 DOC-370KB Military Aircraft Maintenance Licence
DASR Form 31 PDF-1118KB Notification Of Major Change / Major Repair Design
DASR Form 31a PDF-1307KB Application For Approval Of Major Change To Type Design
DASR Form 31b PDF-1085KB Application For Approval of Major Repair Design
DASR Form 32 PDF-161KB Application For Approval Of Minor Change / Minor Repair Design
DASR Form 34 PDF-694KB Application for an AUSMTSO Authorisation
DASR Form 42 PDF-2590KB AMP Initial & Amendment Application Form
DASR Form 44 DOC-1042KB Occurrence Report
DASR Form 50 PDF-1026KB Application for Military Production Organisation Approval
DASR Form 51 PDF-531KB Application For Significant Changes Or Variation Of Scope And Terms Of DASR 21 Production Organisation Approval
DASR Form 60 PDF-862KB Application for Production Without Military Production Organisation Approval
DASR Form 80 PDF-1090KB Application For Military Design Organisation Approval
DASR Form 82 PDF-559KB Application For Significant Changes To Design Organisation Approval
DASR Form 104 PDF-809KB Nomination for Appointment as a DoSA
DASR Form 110 PDF-415KB DASR Query Form
DASR Form 111 PDF-314KB DASR Change Proposal
DASR Form 139 DOC-924KB MAOC Operations Specification
DASR Form 148 DASR 147 Approved Basic Training Course/Basic Examination (CoR) **
DASR Form 149 DASR 147 Approved Military Aircraft Type Training Course (CoR) **
DASR Form 150 PDF-805KB Notification of UAS Operation Under A Standard Scenario
DASR Form 151 PDF-2087KB Notification of Upcoming UASOP Submission
DASR Form 152 PDF-2087KB Application for UAS Operating Permit
DASR Form 153 PDF-162KB Uncrewed Aircraft System Operating Permit
DASR Form 155 PDF-1112KB Alternate Artefact Application Form
DASR Form 1307 XLSM-2590KB Application for Navigation Specific Approval

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