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Defence Aviation Safety Authority

DASA Factsheets


Instructions for Continuing Airworthiness PDF-190KB
Establishing Compliance With DASR PDF-52KB
Propulsion System Related Risk Analysis in Defence PDF-625KB

Maintenance Licensing and Training

Difference between the DASR 147 Military Aircraft Type Training Levels and the ADF Service Learning Levels PDF-131KB
Military Aircraft Type Ratings PDF-335KB

Cyber Security

Establishing Protections Against Cyber Hazard to Aviation Safety PDF-236KB


Why Certify Defence Aerodromes Under DASR.139 PDF-187KB
DASR 139 Aerodrome Certification Process PDF-278KB
Aerodrome Design Requirements and Certification Basis PDF-288KB
Responsibility for the Design and Construction of Safe Aerodromes PDF-375KB
DASR.139 Aerodrome Certification Criteria PDF-175KB
Aerodrome Issue Paper PDF-196KB
Military Aerodrome Certification Review Items PDF-313KB


Military Supplemental Type Certificates PDF-134KB
Technical Evaluation of Role Equipment PDF-49KB

ALSE vs Role Equipment vs PEE vs Cargo PDF-61KB

Certification of ALSE PDF-98KB
Airworthiness Issue Papers (AwIPs) PDF-255KB
Tailoring a Type Certification Basis and Military Certification Review Items PDF-240KB
Operational Controls and Risk Management Associated with Type Certification Basis (TCB) Tailoring PDF-147KB
Reclassification of Design Changes Requiring Type Certification Basis (TCB) Tailoring PDF-187KB
Leveraging prior Certification PDF-237KB
Certification Programmes PDF-175KB
Air Launched Stores PDF-483KB
Successful Applications for Flight Conditions and Military Permits To Fly PDF-204KB


Production Assurance in the DASP PDF-480KB
Production of Software PDF-186KB

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Initial and Continuing Airworthiness Requirements for Specific Category UAS PDF-170KB
Airspace Considerations for UAS Operations - Entry Requirements PDF-225KB
Applying For A UASOP PDF-88KB

Non-Destructive Testing and Composite Technologies

Non-Destructive Testing Instructions for Continuing Airworthiness (ICA) PDF-186KB
Non-Destructive Testing Standards Requirements PDF-188KB
Appointment of Non-Destructive Testing Responsible Level 3 in Defence Part 145 MOs PDF-179KB
Composite Repair Training and Certification PDF-198KB
Defence Approach to Non-Destructive Testing Training and Certification PDF-350KB