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Reducing Noise Impacts

Homeowners should be familiar with their local Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) maps, which provide the best information about aircraft noise exposure near Defence bases. ANEF maps provide a forecast of noise for a future year, made by both civilian and military aircraft for that location.

They do not show every flight and homeowners with properties outside of the ANEF map zones may still experience aircraft noise. Properties purchased near airports and Air Force bases are always likely to experience some degree of aircraft noise, which will increase or decrease with changes in use.

Measures to Reduce Aircraft Noise Impacts

Homeowners who wish to reduce the impact of aircraft noise should refer to the Your Home website published by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.

Defence does not generally purchase noise-affected properties or fund noise attenuation measures (like ceiling insulation or double-glazing).

Fly Neighbourly

Air Force’s fly neighbourly policy reduces aircraft noise for existing properties. One way Air Force will achieve this is to reduce over-flying of existing, heavily populated areas.

Air Force opposes inappropriate development that does not comply with AS 2021:2015 Acoustics - Aircraft Noise Intrusion - Building Siting and Construction - Australian Government around our bases because it exposes new homeowners to aircraft noise, and may limit opportunities to mitigate against noise impacts in the future.