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About Defence

Accessing our Information

Accessing Defence Information

The department of Defence provides a range of information available for public access as outlined below.

Defence Service & Personnel Records

Service records are raised and maintained to assist in the effective management and administration of members both during and after their service.

Service records are classified in two categories: personal records and health records.

Personal records include all those documents relating to a member’s routine administration, career management and training whilst health records include medical, dental and psychological records.

These records are not accessed through the FOI process, but can be accessed through the Defence Service & Personnel Records site.

Defence Freedom of Information   FOI disclosure log icon

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth) (FOI Act) gives you the legal right to access documents in the possession of this agency.

minutes, submissions, files, emails, post it notes, diaries, notebooks, reports, computer print outs, tapes or disks, text messages, maps, plans, photographs, microfiche, tape recordings, films, videotapes and metadata.

service records, medical records or any other personnel related record. For personnel related enquiries, see the Defence Service & Personnel Records website, as outlined above.

Making our information easier to find

IPS icon

As required by the FOI Act, and the Information Publication Scheme we provide information on our structure, functions, appointments, annual reports, publications and reports, consultation arrangements, FOI officer, information we routinely release following FOI requests and information we routinely provide to Parliament.


This plan describes how Defence implements and administers its IPS entries as required by s8(1) of the FOI Act.

Routinely provided information to parliament/ministers