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Positive & Supportive Work Environment

Defence is committed to a fair, inclusive and supportive work environment where our people can grow personally and professionally.

To embed this commitment, Defence is currently undertaking a five-year program of cultural change and reinforcement. This will involve implementing a number of recommendations from various reviews into aspects of Defence culture to ensure we remain professional, collaborative and inclusive in all respects. The program reinforces the values and behaviours Defence expects of its people on all days, in all ways.

Our values are part of everything we do.

APS Values

Our APS employees share common values and employment principles known as ICARE:

Committed to Service

For further information on the APS Values and employment principles visit the Australian Public Service Commission website.

In addition to the APS Values, Defence also has its own values known as PLICIT.

These values underpin our corporate culture and form the basis of the behaviours expected of our people and leaders, both APS and ADF.

Professionalism - striving for excellence in everything we do.
Loyalty - committed to each other, our leaders and the organisation.
Integrity - doing what is right.
Courage - the strength of character to do what is right, extending to both courage of convictions (moral courage) and courage in harms way (physical courage)
Innovation - actively looking for better ways of doing business.
Teamwork - working together with respect, trust and a sense of collective purpose.


When Alice was looking for career progression, she never thought she would find that next step in Defence as a Technical Advisor for combat clothing.

'After graduating from a Bachelor of Design, my first job was a Product Developer for mass production fashion. This entailed working directly with offshore buyers and manufacturers to develop and produce children's wear.'

'My current role as a Senior Technical Advisor for Combat Clothing in Defence focuses on clothing which is worn by military personnel (Navy, Army and Air Force) during combat operations.'

'My qualifications and experience in the fabric and garment industry prior to joining Defence, provides me with the necessary skills and knowledge for ensuring the ADF are supplied with clothing which is suitable for the end use.'

'Before finding the position on Seek, I was completely unaware that Defence offered this type of role.'

'The prospect of more career stability attracted me to the Department, as the fashion industry is rather unstable and unpredictable.'

Soon after she joined Alice started her new fitness regime, with a little bit of help from Defence.

'The work life balance is a big improvement on working in the private sector. I use my flex time for various fitness activities. I attend weekly Tuesday and Thursday circuit training in the Victoria Barracks Gym and recently I joined a Defence team to do the Spartan race, which is a 15km course with obstacles.'