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Career Development

We are committed to investing in our people and giving them the tool to achieve their best and build upon your career. We do this by providing a range of learning and development programs, to help you reach your full potential.

Some of the ways we achieve this through the Department are outlined below.


We believe mentoring provides extensive benefits for both the mentor and mentee. Mentoring is an excellent way to make connections and gain insights from others in the Department. Sharing knowledge and experience through a mentoring relationships can help you navigate your career progression within Defence.

While many employees develop informal mentoring relationship through the workplace, we offer a wide range of formal mentoring programs, including those aimed at increasing representation and diversity within the Department.

Study Assistance

We are committed to developing our employees and further education is a great way to facilitate this. Pursuing formal further education is encouraged in Defence through a number of measures. If your further study is relevant to your work, Defence may cover part or all of the cost. Study leave of up to 180 hours is also available to most employees when undergoing further education so you’ve the best chance of success and are able to maintain your work life balance.

Professional Development

We provide assistance in attaining and maintaining professional memberships, learning and development activities and requirements to maintain currency of practice. If it is required by your role, Defence will pay for membership of and certification by, an accredited professional association.

Secondment Opportunities

In your role in Defence, you’ve the opportunity to undertake a secondment to other Departments and Agencies and other areas within Defence. These secondments can help you broaden your knowledge of Defence, as well as the public service more generally. Your position will remain yours while on secondment, so you can come back to your role and apply your newly developed skills and knowledge.

Career Management

We offer several formal workshops for personal development accessible to employees of all levels all year. These workshops focus on the skills and knowledge you will need to succeed in your role, and progress into the next stage of your career within Defence.

We have developed a new career management system known as the APS Core Capability Framework. The framework outlines common core skills, knowledge and behaviours for each of the APS classification levels in Defence. The framework ensures you will have the skills and knowledge to perform in your jobs, opportunities to extend and develop your career in Defence, and career paths supported by well-defined and resourced development strategies.