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Australian Defence Force Academy

A Word to Parents from the Commandant

The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) has a long and proud history of delivering world class education to the future leaders of the Australian Defence Force. While at ADFA, your son or daughter will combine their university education with foundational military training that will ensure they graduate with the knowledge and skills to be exemplary junior leaders.

Our goal is to graduate every trainee officer within three years of their commencement at ADFA. We aim to achieve this by creating an environment in which individuals can be nurtured and guided to reach their potential as we prepare our midshipmen and officer cadets to operate in complex, uncertain and ever-changing environments.

ADFA is intended to be challenging, but we recognise the need for a balance of academic study, military subjects, sport and recreational activities, as well as free time for our midshipmen and officer cadets. To ensure they can achieve their potential, ADFA offers a range of support mechanisms, including access to specialist support staff, remedial studies and mentoring programs.

We will do our utmost to ensure your son or daughter is in a safe environment. The Academy is committed to taking all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our young people. We are active participants in the Defence Youth Safety Framework and take our responsibilities very seriously. We want our young leaders to feel safe and secure in order to thrive.

Finally, I look forward to welcoming you to ADFA for a number of events throughout each year (where COVID-19 conditions permit), including the ADFA Open Day and the Graduation Parade. This is your opportunity to visit us and celebrate the hard work and significant milestones of our midshipmen and officer cadets.


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