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Australian Defence Force Academy

Welcome to Australian Defence Force Academy

The Australian Defence Force Academy is a military institution which combines military education and training with academic study for an undergraduate degree. The Academy provides the academic foundation, specialist education and military training for Australian Defence Force Officers.

The Academy is supported under contract with the University of New South Wales. Approximately 1000 Navy midshipmen and Army and Air Force officer cadets are enrolled in the three year training program. Midshipmen and officer cadets and come from around Australia and from countries in our region under the Defence Cooperation Program.

The Australian Defence Force Academy provides the opportunity for individuals to undertake a program of military and leadership training while studying and receiving a salary. This training and education provides individuals with the foundation knowledge, skills, professional abilities and character qualities necessary to become an Officer in the Australian Defence Force. Upon graduation, midshipmen and officer cadets become a permanent full-time member of the Australian Defence Force.

Do you have what it takes to become a leader in the Australian Defence Force?