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Australian Defence College Publications

About Us

Australian Defence College publications promote professional and academic discussion on contemporary national and international defence and security thinking, research and issues in support of the world-class professional military education and training of the Australian Defence Force.

ADC publishes academic journals, research papers and occasional collections and monographs that draw on scholarship and research both within the ADF and from the broader Australian and international academic, defence and security analysis, and policy communities.

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Connect with us

The Australian Defence College is an active participant and contributor to the global online Professional Military Education community.

To learn more about what is happening at the ADC or to discuss ideas and issues raised in ADC Publications take part in the conversation on twitter and follow @ADC_Australia

Australian Defence Force Publications are administered by the Centre for Defence Research, based at the Australian Defence College Headquarters in Weston, ACT.

Views expressed in the publications and research published by the Australian Defence College are solely those of the individual authors. They are not necessarily those of their governments and should not be taken as the official endorsement of factual accuracy, opinion, conclusion or recommendation of those governments or departments.