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Joint Studies Paper Series

Image of the Australian Defence Force Tri-Services Emblem

The Joint Studies Paper Series consolidates an ADO wide approach to academic research and development relating to the conduct of joint military activities, filling a central gap.

This series aims to broaden and deepen ideas about joint and focus the ADF’s vision through a single warfighting lens. It aims to provoke debate on strategy-led and evidence-based ideas for the potent, agile and capable joint future force.

To achieve the best capability and to inspire the ADF must work in partnerships with a focus on innovation and agility. It needs to encourage open and academic thought and debate, to stretch our thinking and take academic risks based upon sound evidence. This series is an opportunity to think outside the box and raise ideas that might be controversial or not yet heard of in the joint dialogue

It is a collaborative venture between the ADF’s key joint capability developers, the Vice Chief of Defence Force Group and the Joint Capability Group, and its key research organisation, Defence Science and Technology Group, the series will help to shape future joint best practice within the ADF and policy development in the ADO through the promulgation of research about the past, present and future of joint military activities.

Papers in the series

Download the papers below as pdfs by clicking on the links

    Call for submissions

    The simple nature of ‘joint’—‘shared, held, or made by two or more together’—means it cannot occur in splendid isolation. We need to draw on experts and information sources both from within the Department of Defence and beyond; from core agencies, academia, industry and our allied partners. You are the experts within your domains; we respect that, and need your engagement to tell a full story. We encourage the submission of detailed research papers examining the elements of Australian Defence ‘jointness’ — officially defined as ‘activities, operations and organisations in which elements of at least two Services participate’, and which is reliant upon support from the Australian Public Service, industry and other government agencies.

    Challenge us; lead the way; help design the joint fighting force of the future to protect Australia and its national interests. Help us to be agile and responsive so that we, as a small defence force, ensure that we can always achieve an asymmetric advantage through our integrated joint capabilities.

    The Joint Studies Paper Series welcomes submissions on a range of topics related to joint military activities. Ideally, papers should be linked to the Australian experience of joint capabilities, operations and concepts or should contain information that will be of interest to the ADF; however, papers examining other joint topics may be considered depending on their focus and content. For example, papers exploring topics in the following areas would be considered:

    • joint force design and experimentation
    • joint capability development, management and integration
    • fundamental inputs to capability
    • joint professional military education and training
    • joint doctrine, theory and concepts (including future concepts)
    • joint and organisational culture (including cultural change management)
    • joint planning, design thinking and evaluation

    Papers submitted for consideration should be between 10,000 and 60,000 words (inclusive of notes).The series uses Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition and the documentary–note citation style. For further reference on appropriate style, including Australian spelling, please see the online Government Style Manual.

    If the series editor wishes to further consider an unsolicited submission, it may be subjected to double-blind peer review.

    Potential contributors are strongly encouraged to email their proposal to the editor prior to submission of the paper itself

    The editor can be contacted at

    Series editor: Dr Cathy Moloney, Head of the Centre for Defence Research

    Managing editor: Fiona Mackrell, Publications and research officer

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