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The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass provides senior ADF personnel and Defence civilians with timely analysis of major issues affecting Australian strategic policy choices. Prepared by the Senior Fellows at the Centre for Defence Research, The Looking Glass aims to provide readers with informed options on a new topic each month, as well as key background and an assessment of implications for Australia's national interests.

Latest Issue

Will China arm Russia? March 2023 (PDF 393 KB)

Previous Issues

Three lessons for the West from Russia's invasion of Ukraine January/February 2023 (PDF 373 KB)

Biden’s National Security Strategy: a busted flush? November/December 2022 (PDF 327 KB)

The myth of the master strategist – Part 2: Xi Jinping and getting China wrong’ October 2022 (PDF 241 KB)

The myth of the master strategist – Part 1: Vladimir Putin, ‘Smoke and mirrors?’ September 2022 (PDF 459 KB)

The “Vicious Diplomacy” of Coercion: China’s Military Exercises in the Taiwan Strait, August 2022 (PDF 451 KB)

Lessons for Australia’s Engagement in the Pacific, July 2022 (PDF 333 KB)

China’s ‘Non-War Military Operations Program’: MOOTW by Another Name? June 2022 (PDF 796 KB)

Challenges for Australian foreign and security policy after the May 2022 federal election, May 2022 (PDF 762 KB)

Nuclear weapons, deterrence and great power competition, April 2022 (PDF 306 KB)

Beijing's Moscow Muddle: Sino-Russian Relations after Ukraine, March 2022 (PDF 1.07 MB)

Putin’s Progress: how will the war in Ukraine play out? February 2022 (PDF 616 KB)

What Does Putin Want? January 2022 (PDF 1.29 MB)

In Their Own Words: Chinese and US Perceptions of the Current State of Sino-US Relations, December 2021 (PDF 1.17 MB)

Pentagon’s China Military Power Report, November 2021 (PDF 1.07 MB)

Unpacking China’s FOBS test: Hypersonics or Not? October 2021 (PDF 873 KB)

The Listening Post

The Listening Post is the Centre for Defence Research’s monthly digest bringing authoritative scholarship, debates and podcasts published over the course of the month on global, regional and Australian defence and strategic issues.

Its aim is to provide a single repository where senior ADF personnel and Defence civilians can easily access articles, commentary and analysis on the major issues facing Australian strategic policy, accompanied by expert analysis from the Senior Research Fellows from the Centre for Defence Research.

Latest Issue

Issue 12, January/February 2023 (PDF 401 KB)

Previous Issues

Issue 11, December 2022 (PDF 750 KB)

Issue 10, October/November 2022 (PDF 391 KB)

Issue 9, September 2022 (PDF 662 KB)

Issue 8, July/August 2022 (PDF 406 KB)

Issue 7, May 2022 (PDF 328 KB)

Issue 6, April 2022 (PDF 1.4 MB)

Issue 5, February-March 2022 (PDF 1.1 MB)

Issue 4, January 2022 (PDF 861 KB)

Issue 3, November-December 2021 (PDF 902 KB)

Issue 2, October 2021(PDF 788 KB)

Issue 1, September 2021 (PDF 741 KB)