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Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies

AJDSS Volume 2 Number 1

Education of an Idealist

By Samantha Power

William Collins (October 2019), ebook
HarperCollins Publishers (October 2019)

Reviewed by Jo Brick

Some of us have the privilege of watching the world from the sidelines, with wars, genocide and their attendant suffering outside our boundaries. These events happen at the periphery of our daily existence and we can commentate on these world events from the luxury of our armchairs. People like Power, however, have reported on these events from firsthand observation or have negotiated and written papers on which national and international action is founded.

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To cite this article: Jo Brick, 'Review: The Education of an Idealist', review of The Education of an Idealist by Samantha Power, Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies 2, 1 (2020): 155-160,

Published online: 21 August, 2020