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Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies

Aims and Scope

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The Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies (AJDSS) is the new flagship journal of the Australian Defence Force. It publishes multidisciplinary peer-reviewed papers, commentary and analysis, reviews and correspondence on Australian defence and strategic concerns. The AJDSS is an open-access journal published twice annually in print and electronic format online.

It aims:

to look to the future

The AJDSS recognises the fundamentally shifting strategic environment facing Australia, both globally and in our region; and that, this is occurring in parallel with rapidly changing social, technological, economic and political challenges. The AJDSS aims not only to identify emerging trends and future concerns but also to interrogate their implications and examine a range of possible responses.

to inform decision making now

The AJDSS aims to empower defence and strategic security decision makers by providing insight and analysis relevant to the measures that need to be taken today to prepare for an uncertain future.

to spark serious discussion and debate

Complex problems rarely have simple answers and there are likely to be many conflicting points of view on how to respond. The AJDSS provides a forum for different approaches and perspectives to stimulate respectful, considered and intelligent debate that contributes to broader collaborations and exchanges of ideas.

to foster original, innovative research and analysis

The AJDSS aims to be a platform for original, innovative research and academic analysis that enhances understanding of defence and strategic issues, and challenges conventional thinking and approaches.

to include diverse voices and readers.

The AJDSS recognises the importance of welcoming different voices and points of view. It aims to bring together a diverse range of writers and readers from across the professional military, government, academic and industry sectors and to be of interest to Australia’s allies and partners internationally.

The AJDSS welcomes high-quality multidisciplinary scholarly papers and research on a broad range of contemporary and emerging defence and security issues. Topics are not limited to but can include regional and international security concerns and challenges; the implications and consequences of emerging forms of warfare and technology; effective combined planning and joint capability; resilience and sustainability; military leadership, education and ethics; and the intersection of defence issues and concerns with political, economic, social and environmental changes.

In addition, the AJDSS also publishes commentary, opinion essays, speeches and reviews. It invites correspondence in response to matters raised in the journal to encourage professional and academic dialogue.

The AJDSS collaborates as part of the Australian Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) ecosystem with a range of ADF publications and online forums, particularly The Forge, to provide a spectrum of professional military education resources and publishing platforms that support Australian defence and military scholarship and the sharing of ideas.