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Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies

Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies

Welcome to the Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies (AJDSS), the flagship academic journal of the Australian Defence Force. Launched in 2019, the AJDSS aims to support and inform discussion of contemporary and future defence and strategic concerns relevant to Australia and the Indo-Pacific region.

AJDSS Volume 4, Number 2 (2022)

  • The 2022 JG Grey Oration: Change and continuity in war by Prof. Beatrice Heuser
  • Civil-military relations in Australia
  • Digital payback: how Indigenous Australian thinking can stabilise a global rules-based order
  • Focus: Conventional deterrence - considerations for Australian strategy
    • Featuring commentary articles from Van Jackson, Benjamin Zala, Matthew Sussex and Michael Clarke
  • Review essay from Michael Evans
  • Reviews of War Transformed, Mars Adapting, Fighting the Fleet, The Weaponisation of Everything, Fighting Australia’s Cold War and The Crux

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AJDSS Volume 4, Number 1 (2022)

  • In memoriam: Professor Brendan Sargeant by Greg Moriarty
  • Challenges to the Australian strategic imagination by Brendan Sargeant
  • Christopher Smith asks what are the consequences of Defence’s dogmatic application of effects-based thinking
  • Michael Scott argues Defence has many strategists but little strategy
  • The challenge of automated and autonomous technologies to Australian Defence Force compliance with workplace health and safety laws by Simon McKenzie
  • Matthew Sussex considers Putin’s war in Ukraine: missteps, prospects and implications
  • Military strategy fundamentals by Peter Layton
  • Liz Daly commentary on the impact of COVID-19 on the recruitment of Army Health officers
  • Ransomware 2.0: an emerging threat to national security by Mohiuddin Ahmed, Sascha Dov Bachmann, Abu Barkat Ullah and Shaun Barnett
  • Review Essay of On Operations: Operational Art and Military Disciplines by BA Friedman by Michael Evans
  • Worlds apart on China: Review essay of Red Zone by Peter Hartcher and China Panic by David Brophy reviewed by David Walker
  • Plus reviews of Alliances, nuclear weapons and escalation: managing deterrence in the 21st century edited by Stephan Frühling and Andrew O’Neil | reviewed by Michael Clarke; Pride in Defence: the Australian military and LGBTI service since 1945 by Noah Riseman and Shirleene Robinson | reviewed by Dana Pham; The power of geography: ten maps that reveal the future of our world by Tim Marshall | reviewed by Sam Brady; The twilight struggle: what the Cold War teaches us about great power rivalry today by Hal Brands | reviewed by David Hood; The habit of excellence: why British Army leadership works by Lieutenant Colonel Langley Sharp MBE | reviewed by Renée Kidson; and Fighting for time: Rhodesia’s military and Zimbabwe’s independence by Charles D Melson | reviewed by Michael Evans

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AJDSS Volume 3, Number 2 (2021)

  • What type of revisionist is China (and why does it matter)? by Michael Clarke
  • Future all-volunteer force: the impact of artificial intelligence on recruitment and retention by Natalia Jevglevskaja and Bianca Baggiarini
  • Cybersecurity and sovereignty by Andrew Dowse, Tony Marceddo and Ian Martinus
  • Commentary by Ahmed S Hashim ‘Can Asians fight? Organisational-cultural impediments to the conduct of Asian high-tech conventional warfare
  • A year on from the release of the 2020 Defence Strategic Update, where to from here? asks Colonel Kane Wright
  • Australia’s polar attraction: Captain Andrew Willis considers Australia’s Antarctic strategy from 2001 to 2021 and Antarctica as an element of Australia’s grand strategy
  • Review: Yun Jian reviews China’s Civilian Army by Peter Marin; Elena Collinson reviews Emma Shortis’ Our Exceptional Friend: Australia’s fatal alliance with the United States;
  • Colonel Ross Boyd reviews General Sir Peter Cosgrove’s memoir You shouldn’t have joined; Stephen Biddle’s Nonstate warfare: the military methods of guerrillas, warlords and militias reviewed by Major Andrew Maher; Darren Cronshaw reviews Handbook of veteran and military suicide: assessment, treatment and prevention edited by Bruce Bonger, Glenn Sullivan and Larry James
  • Plus correspondence from Matthew Sussex on Alexey Muraviev’s ‘Strategic reality check: the current state of Russia-China defence cooperation and the prospects of a deepening ‘near alliance’’ with a response from Alexey Muraviev

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AJDSS Volume 3, Number 1 (2021)

  • Navigating to autonomy: legal questions in the use of autonomous aerial vehicles by Eve Massingham
  • Alexey Muraviev provides a strategic reality check on the current state of Russia-China defence cooperation and the prospects of a deepening 'near alliance'
  • The debate on climate change and the future of war by Michael Evans
  • Matthew Sussex argues why Australia needs an Integrated Review
  • Countering cyber-enabled disinformation: implications for national security by Jennifer S Hunt
  • Deterrence and the language of the 2020 Defence Strategic Update
  • Reviews of Niche Wars:Australia in Afghanistan and Iraq, 2001-2014,On Obedience by Pauline Shanks Kaurin, Quagmire in Civil War, Geoff Raby’s China’s Grand Strategy and Australia’s Future in the New Global Order, Grand Strategy and Australia’s Future in the New Global Order, The Storm Before the Calm and The Craft of Wargaming
  • Plus correspondence from Peter Layton and an author’s reply from Jason Thomas

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AJDSS Volume 2, Number 2 (2020)

  • Address by the Hon Scott Morrison MP, Prime Minister of Australia at the launch of the 2020 Defence Strategic Update
  • Greta Nabbs-Keller on the contending domestic and international imperatives of Indonesia’s China challenge
  • A strategic leadership theory of military effectiveness proposed by Jeffrey W Meiser
  • The power of GEOINT by Scott Dewar
  • Discarding the grand strategy debate and seeking a new approach by Jason Thomas
  • Shane Halton on navigating between Westmoreland’s dream and Perrow’s nightmare
  • Reviews of Active Measures by Thomas Rid; History’s Fools by David Martin Jones; Civil-Military Relations: Control and Effectiveness Across Regimes, edited by Thomas C Bruneau and Aurel Crossiant; The Battles for Kokoda by David W Cameron; and Why We Write: Craft Essays on Writing War, edited by Randy Brown and Steve Leonard.

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AJDSS Volume 2, Number 1 (2020)

  • Bates Gill, Adam Ni and Dennis Blasko on the ambitious reform plans of the PLA
  • Ross Babbage on ten questionable assumptions about future war in the Indo-Pacific
  • Jonathan Early on aiding our ally
  • Paul Davidson and Jane Tsakissiris on PME in the context of disruption
  • Focus... on strengthening relationships through medical exchange
  • Donna Boulton commentary on national mobilisation
  • Michael Hatherell, Katherine Mansted and Jade Guan commentary on ideational power
  • And reviews of The US Lobby and Australian Defence Policy, Japan Rearmed, The System: Who owns the internet, and how it owns us and The Education of an Idealist.

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AJDSS Volume 1, Number 1 (2019)

  • Eliot Cohen's J.G. Grey Oration on civil-military relations in a disrupted world
  • Mick Ryan on extending the intellectual edge
  • Sascha Dominik Bachmann, Andrew Dowse and Hakan Gunneriusson on how Russia's hybrid and grey zone warfare are a blueprint for China's global power ambitions
  • Christopher Smith on preventing armies becoming mobs
  • French Admiral Christophe Prazuck on what makes a ship's crew so unique
  • Ahmed S Hashim asks is strategic studies at risk
  • Michael Evans's reflections on Andrew W Marshall and the mindset of a strategist
  • James Goldrick and Brendan Sargeant respond to Hugh White's How to Defend Australia
  • And reviews of Our Man: Richard Holbrooke and the End of the American Century, LikeWar, Bring the War Home, The Big Nine and The Four Flashpoints.

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  • Message from the Chair
  • Aims and Scope
  • Editorial Review Board

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