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Centre for Defence Research

The Centre for Defence Research (CDR) promotes mastery in the profession of arms and guides future focused academic research that aligns with the broader national and strategic policy plans for Australian defence and national security. CDR also delivers a high-quality engagement and academic outreach program through short courses, seminars and conferences for ADF Officers, Defence civilians, inter-agency personnel and selected regional partners.

Australian Defence College Publications

CDR publishes, on behalf of the Australian Defence College, occasional paper series, standalone monographs and the Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies (AJDSS).

Launched in 2019, the AJDSS is the flagship publication of the Australian Defence Force. Its purpose is to encourage the sharing of innovative and thought-provoking ideas, original analysis and high-quality research. The AJDSS aims to inform and frame deliberations on defence and strategic concerns facing Australia and the Indo-Pacific region.

The AJDSS welcomes submissions considering future and contemporary concerns relevant to the defence and strategic outlook of Australia and the Indo-Pacific region. Please consult our latest submission guidelines for further information.


CDR is host to two Senior Research Fellows, Dr Michael Clarke and Dr Matthew Sussex, who provide timely, expert analysis on the major issues facing Australian strategic policy.


CDR administers academic support programs encouraging innovative research that contributes to achieving Defence initiatives.


CDR delivers a number of seminars in strategy, futures, national security, joint warfighting and the mastery of the profession of arms.

Short Courses

CDR provides executive academic professional development opportunities through the Strategos – Strategic Theory for Practice Course and Apollo Future War Analysis Course.

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