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Australian Defence College

ADF Transition and Civil Recognition

ADF Transition & Civil Recognition

The ADF Transition and Civil Recognition (ADF TCR) was established to provide an opportunity for Defence veterans have their transferable military skills appropriately recognised in a civilian context prior to transitioning to civilian employment. This opportunity engages a process called recognition of prior learning (RPL), sometimes called recognition of current competency (RCC).

The ADF TCR offers veterans:

  • ADF Transition Training and Skills Guides that articulate career and military skills in civilian language
  • RPL to relevant national accreditation, where the member is able to demonstrate their competency against the performance and knowledge elements of the assessment requirements for the unit of competency
  • Vocational education and training (VET) advice and guidance

The ADF TCR military training in Navy, Army and Air Force to relevant accredited competencies that meet industry priorities.These mappings are used to support RPL assessments.

Prior to Transition

Prior to transition it is important to save copies of the following documents:

  1. Your ‘ADO Service Record’ from PMKeyS
  2. Your two most recent performance appraisals (signed)
  3. Copies of any qualifications and Statements of Attainment you hold
  4. A description of tasks or a duty statement for recent job roles
  5. Copies of any awards or commendations

ADF Transition Training & Skills Guides

These brochures articulate career and military skills in civilian language. They:

  • identify core tasks within the non-senior leadership group ranks
  • articulate career and military skills in civilian language
  • were created specifically to address the priority skills for employment identified through consultation with industry peak bodies
  • can assist you to build an employment profile, CV or résumé
  • can assist you to prepare for interview by
    • identifying industry’s priority skills and
    • contextualising your military skills in clear English
  • provide a prompt for you to identify further skills acquired during service
More Information

ADF Transition Videos

These videos are designed to assist veterans to communicate their career and military skills in civilian language. Used in conjunction with the ADF Training and Skills Guides, they will demonstrate how to unpack a military veteran’s transferable skills. The videos target a select range of common tasks in Defence and how these may be articulated in a civilian context

  • Transitioning Veteran, Scenario 1

  • Transitioning Veteran, Scenario 2

  • Transitioning Veteran, Scenario 3

Note - all parts played by paid actors

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL is a process that converts what you’ve done in your profession, education, training, and extra-curricular activity into recognised civilian accreditation. Within the confines of what the DRTO can issue, we will ensure you are provided with civilian recognition of your time in service, where eligible. Information is available on the RPL page.

A Guide for Employers of Veterans

This guide was produced, as a result of inter-departmental consultation, as a resource for employers. Do you know there are employers who specifically want to employ a veteran? Check out the employment services via the link on the Useful Links page. Print A Guide for Employers of Veterans double-sided on A3 paper, flip on short edge.

As with all areas of the DRTO, ADF TCR staff will provide advice and guidance on Vocational Education & Training (VET). Contact them at any time at

When to access ADF TCR services

You should contact the ADF TCR if you;

  • are transitioning from Defence and have no accredited training
  • are transitioning from Defence and unsure whether you have any accreditations
  • have proficiencies and think they might make up a full qualification
  • want to seek employment in a particular industry and want to know if your military skills align to it
  • have contacted, or been contacted by, an external RTO and are unsure about what they are offering (or recommending)

  • Your PMKeyS ADO Service Record contains a list of each proficiency, qualification, or unit of competency achieved during, and as a result of, your service.

    A proficiency is defined as ‘training, education or experiential outcome achieved by an individual which is essential to satisfy a specified workplace requirement associated with an established Defence position, and includes certificate, licence, experience, stream and skill’ - Australian Defence Glossary.

Veterans Employment Programs

There is a growing number of Veterans Employments Programs available within public and private sectors. The following selection is provided for situational awareness and does not constitute a Defence recommendation or referral.

  • The Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Program expresses the importance the Government places on raising awareness with employer of the value and unique experience of veterans
  • The Department of Education, Skills and Employment offers Jobsearch and Jobactive

    Both sites provide tips on transferable skills and interview skills, as well as cover letters and resume writing

  • The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) supports the Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Program by providing a toolkit for ADF veterans. The toolkit provides information for veterans seeking APS employment, including a guide for applying for APS jobs.