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Australian Defence College

ADF Transition and Civil Recognition

Annual Performance Appraisal Reporting

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Performance appraisal in the Australian Defence Force is a tri-Service reporting scheme for measuring the Service requirements that have been determined as the most important for effective workplace performance and further progression in ranks, ie promotion. Performance appraisal reporting applies to full and part-time Permanent and Active Reserve members who “meet the period of observation requirements specified in Defence Instructions”, generally for each year of employed work.

Members participate in Performance Appraisal Reporting annually. The performance appraisal is a vital component of the Career Management System or Performance Management Framework. Its purpose is to:

  • provide feedback to individuals,
  • identify strengths and weaknesses, and
  • provide constructive guidance for further development.

The data from appraisals is used to develop career plans, identify potential for promotion, postings and courses, as well as manage underperformance where identified.

In some instances, a member will undergo a Preliminary Review of Performance (PRP), such as when they enlist, transfer between services, or post into a new position “out of cycle”. The PRP addresses essential workplace performance criteria across a shorter reporting period.

The documents below define the assessment criteria for enlisted ranks and officers in each Service.